Unified Process, RUP, AgileUML, … 

Unified Process, RUP, AgileUML,... or your own development process

ApplicationIQ is the central element for accessing all the artifacts produced by software projects.

ApplicationIQ fits your development process. Alternatively, you can choose a standard Unified Process, AgileUML process or another process specific to your enterprise.
ApplicationIQ tools allow you to integrate semantically your software projects in your development process.
ApplicationIQ allows you to contextually operate the UML elements through your development process. You can navigate through your process, step by step, upstream and downstream. Taking knowledge of existing software and maintenance are highly facilitated.

The "Completeness" of ApplicationIQ consultation mode allows to easily identify the UML elements that fail to meet your process. Monitoring and management of reverse-engineering projects, retro-documentation, so of course, creation of software projects are strongly facilitated.

ApplicationIQ integrates your methodology by allowing you to create your own rules of modelling. The audit of your models are carried out then in one click.